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Danver Provides Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool!

April 15, 2009
Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Outdoor Kitchen Layout using Danver Design Document

Introduced in September, our frequently updated outdoor kitchen design program is catching on. The drawing tool was created in Microsoft Word so that any person might be able to use it without requiring a special software program and without having to learn special drawing commands.

The user simply has to open the Danver Cabinet Library document and then use the standard Word commands like copy, cut and paste to create their own kitchen layouts. All of the cabinets in the line are scaled to size and are in the document below the example kitchen on the first page. Also available on our web site is the Island Insert Library containing our framed doors, drawers, combinations and accessories for masonry, brick or stone Barbeque Islands where full cabinetry is not required. Both libraries can use the products from either library interchangeably where cabinetry and inserts together make sense in a design. The same door and pull are used in both cabinets and inserts so a combination of both in the same island will look consistent.

Currently the drawing tool only provides an elevation (front view), but the feedback we get is that it really helps people see what their kitchen will look like. Since it is so easy to use, different variations can be created in a matter of minutes to help finalize a design. The cabinet library includes many of the appliances that are available, some of which are sold by Danver.

I invite everyone to try the program and send comments to us. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.



Outdoor Stainless Kitchen in winter in CT

April 13, 2009

Florio Stainless Outdoor Kitchen

Here is a typical stainless kitchen installed in a stone surround. Most of the kitchens using our stainless cabinets are installed in surrounds consisting of stone, brick, masonry,stucco, etc. with some kind of stone counter top like granite.

This kitchen has one of the most popular items in today’s outdoor kitchens: a power burner! It is the low burner in the picture. This is the Alfresco 24″ Versa Burner and provides heat up to 65,000 BTUs! It is in our custom low cabinet so the homeowner can use a large stock pot for things like lobster or crab boils and they need to see into the pot. The tremendous range of temperature provided by the Versa Burner allows things like sauces to be simmered at low temperatures to boiling large pots of water or stews. These are much more versatile than standard side burners provided by grill manufacturers which can be ineffectual on cold or windy days.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information.