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DANVER was recently featured on CFT411 blog!

May 19, 2011

“Come the Revolution”

It has been my experience that outdoor kitchens range in size-and budget-from the very modest to the holy-smokes-are-you-kidding-me! The latter, by the bye, is featured at the top of this blog. All of the pictures in today’s blog, though, are courtesy of the manufacturer, namely Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry, one of the many companies I was privileged to meet while at KBIS. Over the last ten years they have become an industry trendsetter, in large part, I think, because they have consciously posited themselves on the cutting edge of outdoor kitchen design. The field they are working in is not just outdoor living, but outdoor living as it has evolved.

Stainless Cabinets in Stone Enclosure

It started as just that, simple outdoor living, which can really be not much more than some outdoor furniture. Well, show me someone who’s got some chairs outdoors, and I’m sure to sure to show you someone who has, at an absolute minimum, a barbecue, and from that it’s just a step to outdoor kitchens. And now we are seeing a move towards complete outdoor rooms, and Danver is there to lead the way.

One of the changes that Danver has noticed is a shift from the traditional barbecue island to one of those glorious setups of modular cabinets inside a three-sided stone surround, not unlike the one at the top of this blog. Danver cites that as one of the biggest changes in recent years. People have come to think of their yards as outdoor living and entertainment centers. In looking at what Danver has done with outdoor living areas in recent years I’m not sure which came first, their cabinetry or the demand for it, but it is very much a fact that what they have developed at Danver brings to these areas luxury, convenience and, surprisingly, an element of cost effectiveness. (Read More)