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Extend Your Day with the New Rasmussen FirePit Logs

March 18, 2010

As we finally find relief from winter, when 47 states were covered in snow at once and the East Coast spent practically the entire season with inclement weather stretched from New York to North Carolina, its time to look forward to warms days with chilly nights. What better way to maximize your longer days than with a cozy fire at night?

DANVER is furthering our partnership with Rasmussen Iron Works to achieve just that. We will now be distributing top of the line log sets to meet consumers’ growing needs for outdoor fireplaces. The Rasmussen line, to be sold by DANVER, will include traditional logs, driftwood logs, and for the contemporary market, the ALTERNA ball and stone design shapes of refractory fireproof casting.

Available immediately through DANVER’s dealers nationwide, Rasmussen’s products are offered in footprint diameters from 12 inch to 64 inch widths. All shapes are compatible with ring and other burner shapes as well as multi-sided fireplaces. For use in grills, the burner can simply be covered with volcanic ash to provide a level foundation for fire safety.

With Rasmussen’s FirePit logs, there’s no need to go inside as the sun goes down. Grab a light blanket, s’mores ingredients and head outside to enjoy the ambience.

For a sophisticated twist on a classic s’mores recipe, try incorporating Ina Garten’s French Chocolate Bark instead of your traditional Hershey’s bar. Absolutely delicious!

Email us or call us at 203-269-2300 to find out more about our outdoor kitchen products, or Rasmussen’s products in particular.

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