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DANVER Offers High Style and Low-Maintenance Finishes for Outdoor Kitchens

November 9, 2009

As the growth in outdoor kitchens has spread to more and more areas of the country, we are seeing a growing demand for a variety of door finishes. In addition to offering a variety of design options, we know no one wants to spend their time cleaning or maintaining the finish on their stainless cabinets. We have addressed these concerns in 3 ways:

We have built several stainless kitchens where the doors and drawer fronts were painted with colors that blend in with their surroundings such as stone and masonry, or wooded yards or plantings. The painted natural colors give the kitchen a more rustic look while the stainless construction preserves the resilience of the cabinets, creating a low-maintenance product.

Our clear Protect-A-Coat finish continues to be popular for kitchens near salt water and pool areas. This virtually maintenance-free coating retains the stainless look while offering maximum protection against chlorine and corrosive chemicals like muriatic acid, which is frequently used to clean pavers.

The base powder coat seals the stainless from the environment like Protect-A-Coat, while setting the base color of the desired wood species. Then inks depicting the grain of the desired wood species are transferred permanently into the base coat. Result: extremely realistic wood finishes that are unaffected by the environmental conditions! We offer 10 different wood finishes.

No matter where you live or your design needs we have maintenance-free option that will finish your outdoor kitchen!

For more information on our extensive-line of maintenance-free finishes, designed to stand-up to any climate conditions, visit the DANVER Web site.


Danver Provides Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool!

April 15, 2009
Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Outdoor Kitchen Layout using Danver Design Document

Introduced in September, our frequently updated outdoor kitchen design program is catching on. The drawing tool was created in Microsoft Word so that any person might be able to use it without requiring a special software program and without having to learn special drawing commands.

The user simply has to open the Danver Cabinet Library document and then use the standard Word commands like copy, cut and paste to create their own kitchen layouts. All of the cabinets in the line are scaled to size and are in the document below the example kitchen on the first page. Also available on our web site is the Island Insert Library containing our framed doors, drawers, combinations and accessories for masonry, brick or stone Barbeque Islands where full cabinetry is not required. Both libraries can use the products from either library interchangeably where cabinetry and inserts together make sense in a design. The same door and pull are used in both cabinets and inserts so a combination of both in the same island will look consistent.

Currently the drawing tool only provides an elevation (front view), but the feedback we get is that it really helps people see what their kitchen will look like. Since it is so easy to use, different variations can be created in a matter of minutes to help finalize a design. The cabinet library includes many of the appliances that are available, some of which are sold by Danver.

I invite everyone to try the program and send comments to us. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.