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Trends in Outdoor Kitchen Design 2012

June 5, 2012
Stainless steel outdoor kitchen

New Orleans Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen by Danver

With outdoor living projects on the rise, DANVER is proud to be an industry trendsetter and major contributor for the past ten years.  We have seen with our years of experience, sales and daily interactions, that the principal trend in upscale outdoor living is moving beyond just building an outdoor kitchen toward creating a complete outdoor living and area where the kitchen is one component.

During the first half of 2010, we noticed a major shift in outdoor kitchen design.  The transition consisted of a change from the traditional BBQ island or masonry kitchen island to modular cabinets, either inside a three-sided surround, made of a stone, brick, or framed stucco, or completely stand-alone.  Increasingly, these kitchens are being made with custom finishes to really look like indoor cabinetry, but able to withstand all the elements.

The force behind this growing trend is twofold. First, homeowners are seeking a fully functional kitchen, which is not easily accomplished with masonry islands. The islands typically have cutouts for the appliances (grills, side burners and refrigerators), access doors and small drawer inserts.  The access doors typically lead to an unusable black hole and the drawers tend to be too small for real storage. In the past year, we have seen a substantial increase in designs that started as BBQ Islands and morphed into fully functional outdoor kitchens utilizing space via storage cabinetry. In many cases, these homeowners and their contractors were simply not aware of cabinetry as an option or the door styles, colors and finishes available on the cabinets.

The builder/remodeler is the other major force.  Builders realize the cost of modular cabinetry is very similar to the labor and material costs to build a BBQ or masonry kitchen island. The more stone work involved, the more work for the contractor. With modular cabinetry and a stone surround, the crews can quickly finish an installation and move on to the next project so the cost is close for the homeowner but they get a superior product in looks and functionality.

The kitchen is still the focal point of any outdoor design, but the layout and materials are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complex.  Outdoor living spaces are now given as much detail, budget and design as indoor kitchens and living rooms.  Outdoor kitchens should also serve multiple purposes. When designing an outdoor kitchen, always consider the flow of the area, especially if the backyard includes a pool.   From layout, to size, to door styles–every little detail should be taken into consideration to help make your outdoor living area a creative, warm and inviting space to entertain family and friends.

Contributing to the Leisure Industry’s 15% to 17% annual growth is the creative freedom architects and designers are enjoying by offering realistic wood grain and designer color powder coat finishes.   With the durability of stainless steel cabinetry at their base, Danver’s high-quality, no-maintenance powder coat finishes offer the perfect choice for the discriminating homeowner. Production and technical advances in outdoor furniture, floor and wall coverings and electronics also help make outdoor kitchens more like “outdoor rooms” thus creating a need for cabinetry that requires a painted or wood grain appearance. Over the past three years, Danver outdoor kitchen sales incorporating powder coat or wood grain finishes have grown from about 10% to over 30%!  So whether you are a homeowner, designer or builder, keep this alternative in mind.

There are many things to consider when planning to build your outdoor kitchen.  We can help with any questions you have!


Danver Develops Range Hood Specifically for Outdoor Applications

May 15, 2009

Hood Product Announcement

With the explosion of outdoor kitchens all over the country, towns and cities are looking at a bonanza for permits and fees. One of the things required more and more is ventilation for barbeques where the area has any overhead cover. In Florida, the lanai or pool cage is a popular place to put the outdoor kitchen and under that cover, ventilation may be required. In the Southwest and California we find many covered outdoor living areas that include kitchens and they too are beginning to require ventilation.

The number of requests we have gotten for BBQ hoods has increased dramatically over the past year. In investigating what is available in the market, the deepest hoods available were 27″ front to back. This is ok for indoor ranges, but most grills cannot be put against a wall and stick out further than the hood can draw. Hood manufacturers recommend that the hood be mounted off the wall 4″ or so to help with this problem. This necessitates that the installer build some sort of box to add the depth. This area then has to be finished separately. This adds cost and complexity to the hood installation.

Danver’s cabinet line was developed with the cost of installation in mind. Improvements to the cabinet line focused on helping installers reduce their labor which in turn can flow to the consumer. With this in mind, Danver worked with a major US hood manufacturer to develop a 32″ deep Stainless BBQ hood to complement the stainless outdoor kitchens Danver is known for. The extra depth will capture the whole grilling area and be able to be installed just like any indoor range hood saving installation dollars.

By being sensitive to the fact that the market REQUIRES an outdoor hood but doesn’t necessarily WANT one, Danver worked with the manufacturer to hit a very competitive price point. The result is three sizes to handle most applications, 36″, 48″ and 60″. They will be available in early June and orders can be taken today.

Stainless Outdoor Kitchen with Hood

Stainless Outdoor Kitchen with Hood


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