Outdoor Stainless Kitchen in winter in CT


Florio Stainless Outdoor Kitchen

Here is a typical stainless kitchen installed in a stone surround. Most of the kitchens using our stainless cabinets are installed in surrounds consisting of stone, brick, masonry,stucco, etc. with some kind of stone counter top like granite.

This kitchen has one of the most popular items in today’s outdoor kitchens: a power burner! It is the low burner in the picture. This is the Alfresco 24″ Versa Burner and provides heat up to 65,000 BTUs! It is in our custom low cabinet so the homeowner can use a large stock pot for things like lobster or crab boils and they need to see into the pot. The tremendous range of temperature provided by the Versa Burner allows things like sauces to be simmered at low temperatures to boiling large pots of water or stews. These are much more versatile than standard side burners provided by grill manufacturers which can be ineffectual on cold or windy days.

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2 Responses to “Outdoor Stainless Kitchen in winter in CT”

  1. mulchmadness1 Says:

    Take out tonight again? or TAKE IT OUT BACK.
    This Alfresco burner seems to do the trick. This enables not only grilling but gourmet recipes as well. NIce touch and hot…65,000 btu’s./ Our
    next project is spec’d with the Alfresco.. Go to http://www.OutdoorKitchensCt.com to see our efforts.
    Michael Gotowala,
    Preferred Properties Landscaping.
    1456 Highland Ave.
    Cheshire, CT. 06410
    Outdoor Living and Kitchen specialists..

  2. danverstainless Says:

    The Alfresco Versa Burner is great. Since it goes from simmer temperatures to 65,000 BTUs, it is the most versatile burner of all. You can get a wok or griddle for it too or just use it for lobster, crab or crawfish boils, large pots of pasta or corn, gumbo chowder, you name it!

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