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DANVER Introduces Mist-Away Insect Control Systems & EvenGLO Patio Heaters

January 31, 2011

Are irritating, pesky insects and cool winter weather driving you indoors? It is now time to look past those annoying critters and crisp air and start enjoying a full evening outdoors. What better way to maximize the use of your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area than with an insect control system during the year and an outdoor heater for chilly, winter nights?

We at DANVER are furthering our relationship with Mist-Away to effectively eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects from homeowner’s backyards and outdoor living areas. DANVER will now be offering the industry’s best insect control system to meet consumer’s growing concern for insects in their outdoor living areas. The Mist-Away line, to be sold by DANVER, will offer the most effective and convenient method for preventing bites by eliminating annoying insects. The system also allows consumers to more frequently utilize their outdoors spaces, ultimately getting more from their investment.

The Mist-Away insect control system automatically sprays a fine mist of botanical insecticide through nozzles installed around the perimeter of the backyard and/or the outdoor kitchen, living and entertainment center. Two to three short mists per day, usually scheduled around dawn and dusk, is all it takes to eliminate insects.

The installable system is the perfect alternative to messy spray repellents or greasy ointments. The insecticide is derived from the chrysanthemum flower and contains no residue, so insects do not develop resistance to the ingredients.

In addition to those pesky critters, DANVER is now also offering the EvenGLO Patio Heater. The EvenGLO heater evenly distributes heat throughout your outdoor living space by utilizing the precision heat control system.

The easy-to-use patio heater signals a green light when in use, and offers a tip-over safety switch to keep homeowners at ease during use. The EvenGLO has a double reflector design, which allows it to emit an even temperature with minimal heat loss.

The EvenGLO Patio Heater features an open flame design to provide an esthetically pleasing space for guests and homeowners. DANVER offers it in two colors, black and stainless steel, which complements the line of DANVER Stainless Steel outdoor kitchen products. As well, the sleek EvenGLO heater can be operated through natural gas or propane to suit the needs of the homeowner.

Whether fighting off insects or keeping warm outdoors, DANVER is truly the one-stop shop for outdoor kitchens and living spaces. For more information, please call (888) 441-0537 or visit us online. Follow DANVER on Twitter @outdoorkitchns or become a fan on Facebook for daily updates.


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January 31, 2011

DANVER Introduces EvenGlo Patio Heaters

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